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Neck Pain

Neck pain can be felt in the upper spine area, just below the head, extending between the shoulders. Neck pain can extend beyond the back of the neck to the upper back, shoulder and arms. Neck pain can be caused by postural issues, sudden trauma such as falls, sports injury or car accident, or by long-term problems in the spine. The majority of neck pain episodes do not require surgery and respond best to physical therapy.

Risk factors for neck pain include:

  • Poor posture
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Repetitive lifting
  • Office and computer work
  • Athletic activity

How can physical therapy help?

Physical therapist design individualized treatment programs to help people with neck pain decrease pain, restore mobility and return to daily living activity. Physical therapy treatments can help people avoid the need for surgery or medication altogether.

Following Surgery

Sometimes surgery is necessary to relieve pressure on a spinal nerve or spinal cord. If you undergo surgery, your physical therapist will work with you and your surgeon to help you regain motion and strength per your surgeon's protocol in order to help you return to your daily activities quickly.

Your Physical Therapist will work with you to:

Reduce pain or other symptoms. Your physical therapist will educate on how to avoid aggravating activity, use different hands-on techniques called manual therapy, and teach you specific stretches. In addition, they may use technologies of electrical stimulation and traction as appropriate.

Improve posture. Discuss work station ergonomics.

Improve motion. Your physical therapist may use hands-on treatment or personalized exercise program to restore mobility.

Improve flexibility. Your physical therapist will determine if any muscles are tight and teach you gentle stretches.

Improve strength. Your physical therapist can identify weak or injured muscles and will issue specific exercises to strengthen those muscles.

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